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Thursday, June 12, 2008


"I don't want my mom to know. That I never loved my life." --Sixx A.M.

Still chaos right now. Not sure when things will be back to normal. Must be nice to be a kid and actually have a vacation. :)

Been investing a lot of time in my Amazon Store and it's the direction I plan to continue.

I use the money to support Calliope Nerve, my martial arts school, pay for my daughter's treatments, invest in my kid's college funds, and pay a few bills of course.

Just sold another issue of Raddix today.

Remember, if you order anything from Amazon (see sidebar of this website) via my website I get a commission and if you'd like I'll split it with you.

The current issues of the APA and Calliope Nerve were very strong if I do say so myself. I've started issue seventeen of Calliope if anyone has submissions they'd like me to look at. Looking down the road a Calliope Nerve blog and website are probably in order as well.

But enough cheap plugs for the day. Hope all is well with everyone. And I'm on OT, I've got to go.

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