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Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Prayer for Lacey

"The world don't wanna be saved. Only left alone... Man still has one belief, one decree that stands alone. The laying down of arms is like cancer to their bones." --Megadeth

This morning my seven year old daughter Lacey was admitted to the I.C.U. in Diabetic Shock.

Tonight, I hold her up in prayer to my God. As do so many others. She's a fighter, she'll get through this.

Even when the nights are long and the road even longer.


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I put in a good word with Satan, Zeus, Buddha, and Ahuramazda, so between the two of us Lacey is covered.
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Though diabetic (type 2), I've never experienced shock or had to take anything for it other than pills. But my sister had diabetes type 1 and I know she had it often enough to know it can't be fun for a kid. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Maybe she's tough, but it seems like it'd be scary. I know you wish you could take it away from her and carry that weight yourself, but alas...
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mazda? Isn't that a make of car?
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