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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Penton on Amazon

Unlikely 2.0's Jonathan Penton talks about the behemoth that is Amazon. And though I don't share the same feelings, it's definitely a well spoken diatribe that gives the reader much to think about.

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I definitely don't share the feelings. I understand his position, but I think companies like Amazon and Whole Foods have grown their business through fair practices and are popular because they offer value to the consumer. I'm especially impressed by how little salary their CEO's draw.

Besides, I just bought a new vacuum from Amazon and it sucks, but in the right way.
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I agree with you. Mr. Penton makes some great points but through Amazon not only do I save a lot of money on purchase I've made 100s of dollars with both their Affiliate and Marketplace programs. And the books I'm working on will probably be published via Createspace.

I am a bit disappointed with what they pay their employees but it is what it is.
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