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Monday, April 14, 2008

Covert Chap Contest

Unfortunately, I'm too embedded in my own projects right now to enter but it's a great contest from a fantastic publisher: Covert Press.

My friends that are not on TheirSpace. Despite some goon intervention we have launched our chapbook contest for the month of April. Which means we are accepting submissions any day in the month of April. I do realize a lot of people are not really into the spirit of good ole American competition, Devin and myself included, but any one that does not win we can look at and publish at a later date. And once you get in you're family. So by all means send your manuscripts. Devin and I will choose the winner and they will get their chapbook published and get 20 copies to sell give away or whatever. So send your submissions to, and best of luck.

Michael & Devin

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