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Friday, February 29, 2008

Buy My Books

"To those who want to see real improvement in American education, I say: There will be no renaissance without revolution." --George Bush I (April 18, 1991)

Not sure where I found this link: Economics As A Poet Publisher. The labor of love.

Wish I could attend Matt Furey's Get Tough seminar. Nevertheless, his belief system has definitely rubbed off on me.

Added several pieces to my inventory at the Calliope Nerve store. Go, look, buy my books. Support good causes. :)

Great link I found from a past APA Centauri member. Wonder if I can track him down? Now, as this year's Central Mailer I have some APA business to attend to.

Looks like another two or three inches of snow will fall today again, making this our snowiest February on record. Tomorrow, I've got martial arts to teach, Dungeons and Dragons to play with the kids, and reading to catch up on but today I still have to go work.

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Hi Matt,

I just noticed your link to Michael Rawdon's old blog. He now resides at (I think; it may be .net or even .com).
" "
Thanks Scott, I'll see I can track him down. I found the link through Google actually, never heard of him before that.
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