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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


In my search for more good webcomics, I came upon Sinister Bedfellows. But what is even more interesting is how it is hosted.

Keenspace is free web hosting for webcomics. I better go now, Destiny is pounding on the back door! It appears it is RSS enabled. (That is Keenspace, not my door or destiny for that matter! Ha ha! At least not that I know of. LOL.)

I've got a few scripts done now, thinking of calling my comic Unwanted Brain. But not sure if that's catchy enough.

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I love unwanted brain.

So... when destiny stops knocking and finally decides to enter the room you'll let me know right?
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LOL...Thanks Tricia. I will.

I also thought about the name "unwated brain cells"...cells as in in comic or animation cells.
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But... did you like Sinister Bedfellows?

*crosses fingers*
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McKenzee I loved Sinister Bedfellows. You're very talented. Keep it up.
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