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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Spoken Word Idea Man

"What happened to the Lamb?" --Nobius Black

"I've got no where to go, I've got some stones to throw today." --Metal Church

"A little God that falls, a little boy that's all. That's all..." --Metal Church

Have some great ideas for my upcoming Spoken Word project. One idea includes doing a spoken word cover of a song I like. That could be fun. I'm thinking Megadeth's Hook in Mouth or something off of The Melvin's Stoner Witch.

If you know of anyone doing spoke word or if you are, I'd love to chat. I have a number of neat concepts I could use help with.

I definitely like Warren's idea of putting MP3's up via MPeria.

I've got to talk to Andrew, I found a great way to promote the APA. It's Live Journal's Zine Scene.

So many ideas, running around, gotta get them out, before I lose them all. Before I have to leave for work. Right now, I am Idea Man.

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