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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Read: More Comics

The great thing about comics is they're quick reads. (Reminds me of an upcoming meme I'm doing: 100 Things I Love About Comics, not sure where I first saw that.)

Knocked off two more, the first being Fantagraphics's Story Lines: An Anthology of Emerging Cartoonists. Usually these types of collections tend to bore me or are poorly done. Undiscovered talent sometimes is better left undiscovered (if you know what I mean). This one surprised me though. It was an overall strong book, the highlight for me included Payback and the illustrated poem Before It Was Quiet. The whole book had a black and white zine feel to it and reminded me much of my first taste in self published comics Scott Marshall's DREGS.

The second one I read was Nightwing #91. How odd is it that the tales of Dick Grayson are wrote by one Devin Grayson? It was enjoyable though hardly ground breaking. I did enjoy Alfred the Butler making an appearance, good old Alfred was always the real "father figure" of the Batman titles to me. This story is no exception when Alfred tells Dick, "Is there any point in assuring you that this is not your fault?"

You'll notice I'm trying my hand at more reviews. I feel I write them poorly but I will continue to practice. (Steve R. I could use pointers from a master here!) If I'm going to sell books on the Internet I need to be able to review. Besides, whether I continue to sell or not, I sure as hell ain't going to stop sharing what I read with you. :)

I hope you won't either.

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