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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Read: Comics

Finally digging into the comics that Hovy sent me.

Scars Issue One is a deeply disturbing ride into the mind of Warren Ellis. I'll have to buy the tradpaperback. (Pictured above). The things murderers do are so horiffic yet so sanitized by the press. Man can not face his own vileness. The reality is the killing monster under the skin may be your neighbor, your coworker, or your friend. That's what this nightmare is about. What kind of a beast must you become to catch a beast? And what do you do when you've caught it?

Green Arrow Numbers 43 and 44 were strong tales written by Judd Winick. Super Heroes have a grand tradition of being total knocks off of each other barely distinguishable. The Green Arrow is simply Batman in a kinkier pair of Spandex making like Robin Hood. Yet in light of the cardboard, Winick introduces great plot points especially the later where we find someone close to home is H.I.V. positive. Someone hurts. Someone shares a first kiss. And someone is in total denial. It's all New Blood.

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