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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Read and Write

"...procreation of the wicked." -- Sepultura

Got a copy of the Hypothetical Lizard #1 today. It's a comic adaptation of an Alan Moore short story. Looks great.

Read Catwoman #11 and #12 last night. Nothing special. As I was reading them last night, I paid a lot of attention to how much the Batman books use geography and environment to tell a story. Everyone knows that Gotham is dark and brooding (almost gothic) like it's watchful protector. Gotham is as much a part of the American psyche as the Batman himself. I'll keep that in mind as I begin penning my own comics again.

While in the hospital I knocked off about 150 pages of the Dietz book from the sidebar. It's phenomenal as always. If you've never read William C. Dietz just imagine Tom Clancy meets Arthur C. Clarke.

Read the current issue of APA Centauri today also.

Finished two scripts for my comic, and I'll talk about it more in the future as it comes together. Right now I want to get several months worth of scripts done, I plan to publish new ones biweekly at the minimum, possibly weekly once this thing gets rolling. I also need to learn Photoshop and more about making a website. I think my brother will be helping me on this project and essentially I want to create an online comic with an online book store. The latter to support the former. And both to give me exposure as a writer, etc.

The comic itself will more or less whatever I want it to be. No ongoing stories, etc. Each comic will be stand alone. Each will involve things from my personal experiences, to politics, to things we all face every day. Some stories will be beautiful, some tragic, some disgusting, and some will be classifed as: what the f***!?! :)

To give you an example, the script I wrote last night is about a ghost who can't haunt a hospital because he has no medical insurance. Funny take on a real problem.

To give you some examples of current online comics in the vain that mine will be in, check out: A Softer World or The Outer Burrows. If you can recommend any good online comics, please by every means do so.

What have you been reading or writing (or lately?

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