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Thursday, March 17, 2005

More Read

Still working on those comics. Read Detective #776, Batman #625, and Outsiders #8.

Outsiders #8 was a bit weak in the story area however the artwork is great. I'm not familiar with the Tom Raney--the artist but I will be now. His pencils are gorgeous, the Huntress has never looked so hot! Oh yes, and the Triubte to the Flesh panel comes off sexier than a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I did enjoy the opening sequence as well, Judd Winick's writing was heartfelt as he documents the last moments of Angela Cooper.

Speaking of heartfelt, Batman #26 had a moment so powerful I was amazed it could be pulled off. Time and time again, Bat writers revisit the death of Bruce's parents. But this time, Azzarello shows us why the Caped Crusader feels so much guilt. I won't spoil it for you, I'll just say three words. Risso's art is as good as ever by the way, the book had the look and feel of the ever classic Dark Knight Returns.

Detective #776 had a memorable ending as Leslie Thompkins finds the past on her doorstep. This is a father and son story, tragic like Bruce's own. Redemption always comes with a cost.

If I could write any super hero comic, I'd love to write Batman or Spiderman. For Spidey, I'd bring back my favorite villain of all time (perhaps the most perfect villain of comic) The Hobgoblin. For the Detective I have my own take on the father son relationship (tied into my own experiences with my Dad's death) which I would parallel with a Nightwing tale. And there'd definitely be at least one cameo by the sexy Poison Ivy. Better start cranking out that fan fiction. :)

I don't usually read super hero comics. (How much more can you do with men in tights?) However I've had a great time reading these, a lot of memories of past stories returning to my head. And though this isn't Shakespeare it has been what it's all about: fun. The escapism of comics does not escape me.

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