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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Metal Monday's Metal Monday (on Tuesday) because everyone knows great poets are great head bangers too. :)

At least this one.

Anthrax will tour with the classic Among the Living lineup. I'm psyched about this, I saw that line up on the Clash of the Titans tour years ago. I've also seen the John Bush line up. Gotta say I love them both, but I think John is a superior vocalist. I hope this reunion however doesn't spell his ouster from the band, but if so there's always more Armored Saint albums to be made. (I hope.)

Head snapping quote of the day from Zakk Wylde: "Put it this way, we just get a sh*tload of booze, go down there and press record. Life’s too short. The way I look at it, you can either be f**king laughing, or crying, and God knows we’ve all done of fair share of f**king crying."

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