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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Link Dump III

Swear I'll get more creative writing up here soon. Until then, read these:

Flesh. Warren links to things about comics.

Star Wars Aficianado Fanzine.

Art Whore Distro.

The Misfit Library.

The song in Scott's head right now.

A history of zines.

Technorati Tags. Which I'm still trying to figure out.

Dot Comics. Marvel unfortunately got rid of their cool trailers but free online comics are there. I have a lot of say on this. (File under future posts.)

Meta Tag Builder. Something else I'm still trying to figure out.

Invisible Ink. A Radio Zine.

Zine Trade.

What exactly are zines?

Eye Candy Zine.

Destined Collective.

Amaztype. I can't explain it, just try it. Works with anyone available on Amazon.

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