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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Don't want my world to be
Full of closed doors.
(This is everyone I know.)
--Locked opportunities.--
The negativity it brings.
Killing energy pain.
Feelings are contagious.

Can't shoulder it anymore.
(My back hurts.)
Can't carry sadness with me.

Life is *how* we perceive.
Everything is a choice.
I have a choice.

It wasn't easy to pray.
So hard to believe.
(Always *so* hard.)

God is there.
Angels listen.
Today is a new day,
(Blessed enough to live another.)
And suddenly I am holding keys.

With hope.

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Can't shoulder it anymore.
(My back hurts.)

ou i really like these lines. ever get the really stiff back muscles when stresses and emotions just keep piling up?

Body just gets all out of rhythm, our bodily man made rhythms are killing us..

hey I made some pretty awesome accomplishments in writing in the past two days. i posted em up on my blog, its pretty long, but when ya have a chance. you should check it out

have a good weekend!
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Dude, thank you for the nice comments. I'm off to martial arts this morning but I'll check out your BLOG this weekend and let you know.

I wasn't sure if this poem was any good, but writing is truly an expression of my feelings. I usually vent my inner demons and frustrations, but in this poem I vented an inner realization. That being, life is a choice. I can choose to make the best of my life, or I can choose not too. Whether or not things are going well.

I don't want to die being unhappy.
" "
I don't want to die being unhappy.


It seems like simple thing, but it's surprising how many dont realize this.
" "
Things that are not tangible, are the hardest to find.






I often wonder why God made us this way.
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