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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


"I'm not in love. But I'm gonna F@#@ You, until something better comes along." --Marilyn Manson

Since the doctor prescribed Cymbalta does that mean I'm depressed?

No shit!

I paid someone how much to tell me I suffer from depression?

And what the hell is anxiety disorder any-fricking-way? I think I'm going to rip the doctor's head off and shit in the stump.

Maybe if I'm lucky I won't grow tits with Cymbalta like I did with the last anti-depressant I took.

God, if you're listening, I'm giving my genetics back man. They're defective! Way defective. Call 9-11, I've been robbed. No fair Holy Dude. I'm not talking to you anymore.

Or at least not until you give me back my peace.

And my fucking ideas.

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