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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


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If Heaven was in the palm of your hand--
Would you feel it...
Or simply crush it?

Ashes to...
The Creation of all poets--
The Creation of this poet
Was the death of one man.
The soul of our family was ripped away.
Nobody cared.

The world can't be reduced to sound bites...
If it could I would write about everything.
All of my feelings made whole.
Ashes to...

I won't fade away.
That memory of flames
Got me burnt.

Open wide Firefly.
It's not the love you give...
It's the bullet you take.

Mouthful of dust...
Every bit of life leads to death.
And the creation of another poet's
Sad song.
Ashes to...

I can't see you.

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I like that. Very dramatic reading. Favorite bit: If it could I would write about everything.
All of my feelings made whole.
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Barrie...thank you very much! If Audioblogger was more stable I'd use it for most of my original writing. I enjoy reading poetry and stories quite a bit. I also want to to some reading on here of other people's work...two in particluar are chapters from 'Alice in Wonderland' and poetry from Stan Rice.
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May I make a request?
" "
LOL...sure you can make a request...:)
" "
Ooops, I sorta forgot to come back and make a request :)

If it isn't too late, will you do a reading of an e.e. cummings poem?
" "
E. E. --that's a good choice...I'll get one up soon for you...:)
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