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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Bullet Proof Jude

"I'm praying to die. Can I cleanse my orphan sin? And save my soul tonight - when I don't believe. I don't believe. In a God of love. I won't deceive. I don't conceive at all. I don't believe. I don't believe. In a God above. I don't believe. I won't recive no more." --WASP

"I know I was meant for much things. No time to sleep so I lost all my dreams. Before I do nothing...I spend my life here and deal with the pain. The choice has been made, you all will be saved." --Metal Church

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Bullet Proof Jude

It's Amen apathy
When we simply agree and never question.

The price of a thousand words
Was Lamb Slain.
And if He died for me--
Where is my peace?

Not saved by grace,
Decimated by it.
In a future bleak
Man loves to bare.
We all need a cross.
Got to get mine too.

Then I've got to get You out of me...
I've got to get You out...

Keeper of lost causes,
Bullet proof too,
Jude, where were you when it all went down?
Drive by Bible shootings.
Finger pointing pulled the trigger
Killed my Spirit with brimstone fear.

One nation under God...or ELSE!
Takes us to Punishing Heaven.

When You killed Dad
(My Dad wouldn't do that)
To my last extremity,
I called for You.
And then I cried.
Lost causes.

Should of been someone else.
Lost causes.

There's no love here.
But don't wanna see the other side.
I wanna be somewhere else.
And never look back.

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