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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Dirt and Truth

Dirt and Truth

Seconds. Moments pass.
Until there are none.
In our lifetime,
He wrote sins in the sand
With Holy fingers.
And all of the names,
All of the questions,
For Him
King of Mud.

Rain always falls.
Dirt Bibles always wash away.
The truth will fall down walking.
A state of unknowing
On a seething Earth.
Cry for me desperately.

The panic hand hits the panic button.
Counting from infinity-
Continue to none.
We're all gone.
Man's laughter became man slaughter.
In a mushroom cloud surprise.

Still it's hard to forget,
A princess in mourning or
A God who doesn't speak.
Today, I am the King!
The King of Mud.
Calling from my cave,
"Dirt truths wash away!"
And I'm never coming out again.

-posted by Nobius 12:15 AM #