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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Brain Empty

"Each word has a place to be said and a time to be said." --Ramin Setoogh

Hmm...I better make this quick. I have an APA newsletter to finish. My current Blue Rabbit Chronicles revolves around creativity and lack of creativity. Inspiration and Writer's Block. Ying and child...:).

I've been thinking a lot lately about getting into programming again. Though I was never a great programmer, I did create a few really cool programs back in the day. I've probably mentioned this before but I created amongst other things a KABOOM knock off that was ten times better than the original. I loved customizing other people's programs too and designing programs as well. I have an itch to get back into DATABASES and I was good with DBASE at one time in the STONE AGE. Though I'm not sure what I could learn or what I could do with the skills, it would sure be neat to try. I'm shocked at what sells these days. My wife has an addiction to YAHOO games that you can buy and download off their portal. One of which was Clue clone. Now, who couldn't do that? And we paid twenty bucks for it! LOL Anyway, kind of like this BLOG, even if I don't become good at programming...learning how to do it will be a mind expanding experience.

My desire to get back into databases might be related to my love of information. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an information broker for a while. Maybe it's not too late.

One of my pet peeves is logging into a website that is not updated, link-rot, etc. Especailly business related websites. I always say to myself, "You could do better." This could be my chance to prove it. Never understood why someone would have a website and not keep it updated.

Also, as you know from other posts. I am sick of computer programs designed by computer programmers. LOL. In other words, designed by people who have not done the job or who are very technical minded. At work, we have some of the worst user interfaces I've ever seen. For that past year, they have been reprogramming our quote/order entry system for our transportation products and it quite frankly stinks. On top of that, it doesn't work with anything else. So, basically I am logging into about 5 different systems frequently to do one task. This bothers me. Systems should be as easy and as quick as possible for the user. Especially, in a time sensitive job like my own. Where a customer can call literally call hundreds of other competitors who can do the same move for about the same price. Or log into and do nearly everything right from their own computer. The differentiation is in the customer service. And part of that is our computer system.

Our web interface to allow customers to book shipments on-line has been available for years. And it's never worked even close to correct since day one. It allows users to book moves that are impossible, book air shipments for hazardous materials (which we don't do), book shipments at a lower rate than if they talked to a rep, etc. And what amazes me is that fact that I don't really think this system was ever tested. It was just released into the wild and then other technology priorities were started. The website has been had many of the same problems for the four years I've been at BIG CORPORATE GIANT.

Technology is one of the keys to my company's survival. Management knows this, but it seems to me, most of management doesn't really understand it yet. But they will. Or we will all be out of a job.

BLOGGER is another good example of a great product suffering from a terrible user interface. I've had templates mysteriously vanish, BLOGSPOT crashes, etc, etc. The online help is poor and in most cases seems to assume you know a certain amount about BLOGGER or HTML in general. I'd love to design a BLOGGING program that combines the best aspects of BLOGGER, BLOG THIS, BLOG LINES, and LIVE JOURNAL. Including having off line posting software, friend lists, intuitive help, built in commenting/page counters, and user groups. While still giveing you the option to use your own custom HTML.

Today I'm also thinking about down the road creating a customized/personalized self defense system and then teaching it. I don't know how many hours I've spent learning martial arts skills that I feel, I would probably never use. I'd prefer a martial arts system that trains by way of what you're defending yourself from. Are you defending from a mid-section punch? A knife? A club? A bat? A gun? A street fighter? Etc? Not quite sure, how to put it all together but in time I will. I also like the idea of "Street Aikido" and pressure points. Martial arts is a discipline but let's be realistic...most people get into it to defend themselves. And I've been held up a gun point before, I know what powerless feels like. I'll start logging these ideas in my journal a long with the rest of my creative ideas.

I'm getting the feeling that this year's presidential elections will again be just another useless caucus and things that matter will never change.

I am very pleased with the amount of hits this BLOG has been getting. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. Please use the comments or email me, I want to know who is reading. If you have a site, I want to read it too. I'm always looking to trade links as well--let me know.

There is so much more I want to tell you but I need to get back to my APA submission. Now I can write in peace, now that my brain is empty.

I leave you with this small piece:

"Sand Magic"
Sand magic from your hands.
Life's magician.
Airborne grains.
Our time is thrown to the wind.
Before this world dies,
In a secret machine,
A place of hiding,
Whisper love for me.
The only thing that matters.
Behold all of our parts.
Shadows remember
The way the future wasn't.

-posted by Nobius 10:40 AM #
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