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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Be Expecting Me

I loved the line from my 'Diary' post "...through the slowly opening doors of our life together" so much I wrote another very different, very angry piece of poetry.

"Be Expecting Me"

Be expecting me...
Somewhere between "It's all in your head" (It is.)
and "I'm sorry your Daddy's dead." (He is.)
That flatline bastard, on mind sits.
Can't shake those thoughts,
(If only I could unsee what it was I saw.)
Can't shake the hate.
We worship Sacred Cows
While starving for attention.
Our religion kills strangers and friends alike.
Potty break expells a bolemic past.
Pain doesn't provide much in the way of nourishment.
In the way of Sacred Cows.
Please exscuse me-
While I hate myself again.
Through the slowly opening doors of our life together--
I was pushed out.
I was thrown out
Into the cold.
Into you.
Snow winter tears freeze to the cheek.
And here, lieing in my bed,
I am already dreaming through open eyes reading a book.
Be expecting me,
The moment will not be lost.
The pen writes best when I am so tired,
An exhausted passion head trip.
Strolling down memory lane hurt me.
The mind pulsates and flows.
My muse she tells me,
What I already know.
"The writing will keep you eternal."
Even after life, I will live.

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