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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why I love Amazon Marketplace

Your Amazon sale is official!

Please ship this product using Standard shipping.

Item: 1972 U.S. Eisenhower Dollar
Condition: New - New
Condition Note: Circulated. Proceeds benefit my child's medical bills. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Quantity: 1
Purchased on: 12/30/2008
Buyer's Price: $1.24
Shipping: $4.99
Amazon Commission: $-1.68
Your Earnings: $4.55

Pocket change. Literally. This is going to be a good year for my business endeavors because I reject the recession.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Debt Free Friday on Thursday

"...where the paid for house is the new status symbol of wealth." --Dave Ramsey

If you've listened to Dave Ramsey then you already know that every Friday is Debt Free Friday. People call into his show and talk about how they paid off their debts. It's good stuff.

In this coming year, this is my primary goal: to get real Financial Peace. I hope others will join me. Debt is a tool of banks and greed not of the successful or the wealthy.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

More Updates

Thanks to Andrew Taylor for the plug over at his site.

Over at Zine Scene, I ask the question if anyone has ideas for fund raising.

Naomi Klein has a new article on The Bailout Profiteers. The full article appears in the current Rolling Stone but my copy sold on-line before I got to read it.

On the topic of Rolling Stone magazine, I've found another item to sell through my book store. The next most expensive copy was 5.95 plus shipping and I see it's already gone too.

We received another timely gift from some friends at church yesterday. Even when, you're not asking God is answering.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008


"No. It's the future outlet for comics, period. Not tomorrow, not next week, but soon. Which is a shame, and the end of an era, and I'm not necessarily advocating it-I'm just being realistic." --Mark Waid to Comic Book Resources in response to being asked if digital comics are a viable addition to print comics.

"Come on. Touch me. I'm sick." --Mudhoney

Thanks to David McClean for his help in promoting the Calliope project. You should buy one of his books.

Lots of new stuff up at Muse Thing: The Calliope Nerve Weblog. It's my main online hang out these days.

Got more merchandise up at The Calliope Nerve Store. Go ahead, indulge, buy something. Shit, put food on my table. :) Seriously, I'm enjoying the book selling thing and got mad plans for it.

They're changing my shift at work again. Back to 2pm-10pm again starting January 5th. I don't like it much but I'll take it in stride.

And today Kalisa and I received a nice and much needed gift in the mail. I won't talk about it here but if my friends who sent it are reading. Thank you.

Now, I'm off to read and work on my next piece called The Apostrophe Position. It's fetal, and heavy, and I'm lost in it.

Like a room a thousand years wide.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bukowski and Me, Bukowski and...

"I am still here leaning toward this machine." --Charles Bukowski

X-posted with additional material at: Muse Thing.

Have you ever been to

Harry Calhoun wrote a thought provoking article on Bukowski that I read not long ago in the informal poetry mag Abbey. You can read it here.

And this is a link to probably the best live rendition of a poem I've yet to come across on the interweb: Michael Grover. In my mind, this piece has the same primal quality as Bukowski.

I say, "Bukowski and Me, Bukowski and all of us!" His legacy still astounds me.

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" is a twisted chaos of language, a delightful drowning." --J.A. Tyler

"An epidemic of the mannequins contaminating everything." --Stone Sour

Otep covering Breed, more punk less hard core metal and not much evidence of grunge. Wow!

Eventually, I need to place some adds in Zine World.

Another quote from Sidney Sheldon's fine autobiography: "A writer has an advantage over an actor or director. In order for actors and directors to work, someone has to hire them. But a writer can work anytime anywhere, writing on speculation. There is on important caveat, he has bo have the confidence to believe that someone is going to buy a story."

This weeks project is to post more inventory up at the online bookstore. I'm thinking about changing it's name to Calliope Booksellers or something in that vain. It's time I started considering book selling and the like my career and not the other way around.

Other than Mark S., I haven't heard from any of my APA friends. Time to put out another issue and I have a Calliope magazine ready to go.

And yes, the title of this post means nothing. But it does sound cool and being cool is important. :)

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Places to leave your catalogs/business cards

More reference, as this site is also my work blog:


Places to Leave Your Direct Sales Catalogs

Hair Salons
Tax Preparation Offices
Orthodontist Offices
Insurance Office
Dry Cleaners
Dairy Queen / Baskin Robbins
Bagel Shops
Donut Shops
Nail Salons
Day Care Centers
Retirement Homes
Model New Home Centers
Real Estate Agent Offices
Corner Stores
In Front of Magazines at Check Out Lines
With Your Tip at Restaurants
With Toll Booth Collectors
Grocery Store Clerks
Video Stores
Dressing Rooms
Bank Tellers
Shoe Stores
Kids Resale Shops
Gymboree Centers
Temporary Staff Offices
Flower Shops
Pet Stores
Dance Studios
Grocery Stores Where You Leave Your Ads
Mortgage Offices
Computer Stores
School Administration Offices
Fabric Stores
The Bakery
Print Shops
Cashiers at Dealerships
Tanning Salons
Vitamin Stores
Sales People At Any Store
Senior Activity Centers
Walk In Medical Clinic Waiting Rooms
Credit Unions
Supply Stores
Park Benches
Bus Stops
Bowling Alleys
Clerks At The Post Office
Gas Station Attendants
Movie Theater Lobbies
Print Shops
Furniture Stores
Place Where You Pay Your Bills
Cable Offices
Water and Gas Utilities
Any Place Where There Is A Woman Receptionist Or Secretaries
Telephone Answering Service
Apartment Leasing Offices

Kristina Cottrell

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Friday, December 12, 2008

A World Without Internet

"Seamlessly interweaving German expressionism with neo-noir in an art deco science-fiction landscape. Mister X: Condemned is as retro as it is prophetic." --Dave Marshall

Bluebird is another fine piece from Charles Bukowski. I'll have to repost this over at Muse Thing.

Another inspiring site, I found that makes me think I could do that: Georganna Hancock: Writing, Editing, Ghostwriting Now why aren't I?

Mysteriously, my Internet is on today here at the house. I'm thinking a world without Internet is like a world without sun. :)

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Thursday, December 11, 2008


"When a book is born, modesty dies. And it better die, or you will sell few books." --Kenneth Shelby Armstrong, Th.D., Ed.D.

The above quote is from an email list that I read. Doctor Armstrong, I hope you experiment is a smash.

The computer is still down, the phone and internet still shut off, one of the cars died, etc. No system makes running my online business a pain in the a$$ but we'll get through it. Right now it's survival mode for us financially. Perhaps for most people right now.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


"I've been the Price of Darkness since 1979!" -- Ozzy Osbourne

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Waiting Calliope

The worst thing about having no computer is not being able to get my new Calliope Nerve website updated.

When you win the lottery, send money fast.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Punt the 'puter

I've intevented a new game based on my piece of crap system that has crashed and is unaccessable again. It's called "Punt the 'puter, and believe me when I plan to do more than kick it.

Now to buy a new system I'm either going to win the lottery or knock off a liquor store. :)

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

So Will Mom

"I will incline my ear to a parable. I will disclose my riddle upon the harp." --Psalms 49:4 (Recovery Version)

So much to say. So many ideas. Not enough time. My ass hurts, I've been sitting at the computer way too long today.

In the meanwhile, check out that action at my new site Muse Thing: The Calliope Nerve Weblog.

And I'm told, if you submit works to the site, Jesus will love you extra and more importantly so will Mom. :)

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